Sunday, 11 October 2009

Online Photo Printing - Try it now!

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How does it works?
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Helpful Tips:
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This part is what I like the most:
During your photo upload process if somehow you are faced with some problems such as network issues, internet line disconnected, etc. where you may find your upload process needs to be stopped or you have missing photos from the print order page, not to worry. Please re-login to your account and you will be prompted a message which allows you to continue with your order from there. You don't need to do the whole thing all over again, very easy!

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Monday, 5 October 2009

Suatu petang di bulan raya.....


Petang td masa aku gi ambik Aizara, sebaik saja Aizara masuk dlm kete, dia rapatkan rambut dia kat air cond kete. Katanye dia nak sejukkan rambut. Pastu dia suruh aku rasa rambut dia and aku pun pegang rambut dia. Then aku mula bertanya. Let me recap the dialog;

Aizara: Ibu, Aizara sejukkan rambut. Cuba ibu pegang.

Ibu: (sambil memegang rambut dia) Aizara baru mandi ke? Cikgu baru mandikan Aizara ke?

Aizara: (dgn nada yg sedikit meninggi) Mana ada. Kalau suruh cikgu mandikan budak, dia la
budak kecik. Kalau suruh kawan mandi sendiri, baru la jd budak besar. Kalau cikgu
mandikan budak besar, mana ada kecik. Seblm Aizara mandi, ibu dtg la....

Ibu: (dlm hati, huh, apa Aizara cakap ni??? Confuse......)

Seriously aku tak faham apa yg Aizara cuba sampaikan. Tp klu ikut pemahaman aku, apa yg Aizara maksudkan adalah " Klu cikgu mandikan budak, dia la budak kecik. Klu dia mandi sendiri, dia budak besar." Lg dua ayat tu otak aku tak leh nak proses maksudnye... Bak kata Elyana, tak tercapai akal ku.... huhuhuhuhu...


A few minutes after those dialog, aku tanye plak pasal sepit rambut dia, sb pg td aku pakaikan dia sepit rambut. Aku recap sekali lg dialog td;

Ibu: Cikgu simpan tak sepit rambut?

Aizara: Tak.... eh, Kasih, Kasih (nama kawan baik dia tu)

Ibu: Kenapa Kasih simpankan?

Aizara: Sb dia good girl...

Ibu (dlm hati): huh, apa punye jwpan ni??

Ibu: Siapa suruh Kasih simpankan?

Aizara: Aizara la....

Ibu: Kenapa Aizara suruh Kasih simpankan?

Aizara: Sb Kasih good girl la... Aizara sayang Kasih.....

Ibu (dlm hati): lerrrr......

Aku terfikir, budak umur 4 tahun pun pandai menghargai dan menyayangi kawannye.... Hopefully, perasaan tu akan sentiasa terpupuk sampai dia besar dan semoga dia sentiasa menyayangi org2 yg sentiasa berada di sisi nye.....

My little pumpkin. You're my sunshine. Ibu and abah will always love you...